About Us

Experience the inseparable ‘nature of nature’
and transform your living into a beautiful life

A world bound by silken bonds of nature… away from the bondage of human life.
With pristine surroundings, tranquil ambiance, a place of leisure and yet an abode with all the material comforts one can hope for. This is the dream of any individual who buys a holiday home.
Drumstick Lagoon is here to offer just that!

Drumstick lagoon is something more than “a farmhouse land” project;
It’s an experience to be with nature at its best…in fact to be nature itself
and experience the “ nature of nature”
in the warmth and love like that of the sun…
Get showered with the many offerings of this one of its kind venture.
Refresh your soul and senses,
blossom your smile with the beautiful infrastructure, be a part of GREEN WORLD

A venture by the renowned C K Recreations Private Limited, Nashik. Mr. Uday Chandorkar, Mr. Rajendra Kamath and Mrs. Prachi Chandorkar are the Directors of the C K Recreations Private Limited. The company was established in 2013 to be a part of happiness of people and provide them clubhouse and resort facilities. Mr. Uday Chandorkar is a land developer and has been in this business for over 25 years. Mr. Rajendra Kamath has been in the Marketing field for the last 35 years. Together they have started this venture with a mission to get people closer to nature and to provide a pollution free environment.

Drumstick Lagoon – A Tent Resort is a new venture of C K Recreations Private Limited. The resort is located in Nashik District in Maharashtra, near Igatpuri Taluka along the picturesque backwaters of Vaitarna Dam. Visitors get a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery from their tents. The thrill of staying in a tent in the midst of nature is something to be experienced firsthand.

About Owner – Mr. Uday Chandorkar, Mr. Rajendra Kamath and Mrs. Prachi Chandorkar, together have been actively involved in designing and developing the Drumstick Lagoon. They cumulatively hold over 35 years of experience in real estate, hospitality and marketing industry. It has been their long endeavor to develop an ideal location where one can find peace in the midst of nature. Drumstick Lagoon is a manifestation of their dreams.

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